Dallas Fuel are home

The Dallas Fuel take the stage in the final match of the event versus the Houston Outlaws. Photo credits: (@overwatchleague)

The battle for Texas has shown the heights the Overwatch League is headed for in the years to come. The Overwatch League finished its first traveling event taking place in Texas. It wrapped up in a battle between the Houston Outlaws and Dallas Fuel over who rules Texas. This serves as the demo for the next year to have each team move to their respective arenas around the world and play true home and away games.

Dallas Fuel Homestand. Photo Credits: (@overwatchleague)

Earlier this year we saw the reveal of the Philadelphia Fusions arena and have witnessed the Blizzard Arena expand and redesign itself to accommodate the Overwatch League through both season 1 and 2. The event in Texas was larger than that of a normal weekly league game but it showed how ready the audience was to celebrate. Living in Burbank spoils me since i’m a stone’s throw away from the Blizzard Arena for OWL games.

This was a great experience for the Overwatch League as a proving grounds for their localized audiences. As the year goes on we will see 2 more major away events in Atlanta and Los Angeles. These will play to similar crowds who miss out on their teams and matches due to their distance. I hope these turn out just as amazing as the Dallas event was.

Atlanta Reign Homestand. Photo Credits: (@overwatchleague)
Los Angeles Valiant Rivalry Weekend at LA Live. Photo Credits: (@overwatchleague)

The META Marches On!

Analyst desk discussing the Chengdu Hunters debut and victory.
Photo credits: @OverwatchingC

GOATS is here and here to remain for the time being as the big bad prevalent META but there’s one massive spanner that’s been thrown into the META madness. Well to be more accurate there’s one big spanner and then several smaller spanners that have gummed up this engine. The big up-setter is the arising and returning triple DPS compositions that a few teams have picked up in more scenarios. The smaller ones are of varying cheese variety such as the bunker composition, the Symmetra teleporter assault compositions, and the return of the long lost pirate ship strategies. The GOATS steamroll is trying to roll these down but even it is getting sluggish. With any hope GOATS will still be a viable team composition but no longer remain as the sole strategy teams employ.

Example of the signature 3-2-1 team composition with Ameng playing Hammond the hamster. Photo credits: Overwatch League
Ding “Ameng” Menghan the main tank player for the Chengdu Hunters. Photo credits: Liquipedia

You can thank many teams, players, and coaches for all of this evolution. There is on team to mention in honor though; the Chengdu Hunters. Match after match the Chengdu Hunters have brought increasingly absurd compositions to light. This has had varying success but has garnered them the favoritism of the crowd cheering on the game. Some games their tactics throw the enemy team into confusion through crowd control effects or simply by their absurdity. The real king of this change is their main tank player Ding Ameng Menghan who’s playtime consists of greater than 60% of its time on Hammond. The next playtime is held by Reinhardt at a measly 22%. More teams have started to relinquish their GOATS chains and break free under the inspiration of Ameng and the Chengdu Hunters success.

Example of the Symmetra teleporter assault team composition by the Vancouver Titans. Photo credits: Overwatch League

The tentative adoption and exploration of new team compositions has come with a release of the now long restrained DPS players back onto the arena stage. While the GOATS, triple tank triple support, META has existed many of the best players from across the league have been relegated to playing Brigitte if possible or being benched in their entirety. Some players like Brady Agilities Girardi and Hyojong Haksal Kim made do by learning Brigitte and taking over that role. Other players such as Jong-ryeol Saebyeolbe Park and Do-hyeon Pine Kim have played in barely a single game. Going forward I hope to see these players and their teams return to form but this time in a more diverse META.

A photographic look at stage one of the Overwatch League season two.

Fans and I are all on our short in-between stage break for the Overwatch League awaiting team shifting announcements. I figured this would be the most opportune time to take a minute to look back on stage one and some of the photographs I got during it.

The Arena watches patiently for either the Atlanta Reign or Florida Mayhem to make their move.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Houston Outlaws put up a valiant effort against the Toronto Defiant.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Casters discuss after the Chengdu Hunters victory.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The casters look on as the Florida Mayhem are wiped out by Atlanta Reign.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Tornoto Defiant take down the Houston Outlaws.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The casters desk gives you funny commentary and analysis about whats to come that day in the Overwatch League.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Watchpoint gets all players ready for whats to come this week in the Overwatch League.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Chengdu Hunters walk out to a massive audience at the Overwatch League.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Houstan Outlaws go all out in a teamfight against the Toronto Defiant.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Casters get the show rolling for the Overwatch League season 2.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Houston Outlaws sneakily attack the Toronto Defiant.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
Even the Overwatch League casters have to relish in the moment of the Shanghai Dragons first ever victory.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
Blizzard Arena is at a loss of words after the Shanghai Dragons win.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Blizzard Arena Audience lose their minds after witnessing the Shanghai Dragons victory.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
London Spitfire face off against the LA Gladiators.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
Gamsu and Geguri discuss their feelings after the monumental first franchise victory for the Shanghai Dragons.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Shanghai Dragons take control of their match thanks to DDing’s unrivaled Sombra play.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The New York Excelsior greeted by hyper fans at the Blizzard Arena stage.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The LA Gladiators and London Spitfire leave it all on the Blizzard Arena stage.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The LA Gladiators try their hardest against the London Spitfire.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The London Spitfire finally end their curse against the LA Gladiators.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
Vancouver Titans make their entrance and say hi to the Blizzard Arena crowd.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Arena is in awe at the Vancouver Titans skills and strategies.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Vancouver Titans do their damage to the Los Angeles Valiant
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
Los Angeles Gladiators versus season one champions the London Spitfire.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
Halftime discussion with the casters.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
Tornoto Defiant meeting the Blizzard Arena audience as the walk out.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)
The Vancouver Titans take stage one!
Photo Credits: (Gavin Kuhl)

Vancouver Titans get a death Shock from San Francisco

San Francisco Shock and Vancouver Titans go to game seven.
Photo Credits: (@overwatchleague)

Stage one has completed its matches and came to a long drawn out near upset conclusion. The expected victors the Vancouver Titans have walked away with the cash and the trophy for stage one. San Francisco shock however walk away with second place but do leave a resounding mark upon the league by taking the Titans to all seven games in the stage one finals showing that they have what it takes to go toe to toe with the former Korean contender league Titans.

Fan predictions for stage one finals.
Turquoise: NYXL. Blue: Atlanta Reign. Green: Houston Outlaws.
Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)

Given the predictions from fans as shown above the finals of stage one was a very near upset from the bottom to the top. On day one the predictions of the New York Excelsior VS Vancouver Titans finals were shattered as Seoul Dynasty destroyed the NYXL in a three to one game.

Vancouver take stage one.
Photo credits: (Gavin Kuhl)

Out of all the players who need some appreciation this week is Matthew, “super”, DeLisi  from the Shock. Super racked up 40 earthshatter stuns in only three maps compared to his opponent, Sang-beom “Bumper” Park, with only 25. Super was dominating in the Reinhardt game and Bumper went so far as to say he was superior than him.

Vancouver wins VS Seoul.
Photo credits: (Gavin Kuhl )

Stage two of the Overwatch League season two starts on April 4th. We’ll see how the META may change and which players will dominate after just a week’s hiatus.

The Worldwide dream of the Overwatch League is about to begin starting season 3.

Toronto Defiant walk out. Photo credits (@OverwatchingC)

In the coming season 3 of the Overwatch League we will finally see the Overwatch League act on its creationary ideals. When the Overwatch League was created it was built with the goal of taking the best of current mainstream sports and combining it with the bests from Esports productions around the world as well. These being things such as the NFL and other large sports organizations and from South Korea which is the world’s Esports juggernaut. This year teams will finally take to local stadiums and arenas all around the world to represent their teams and provide their teams with physical locations to rep their support.

Atlanta Reign halftime talk. Photo credits: (@OverwatchingC)

This year in season 2 the league began these steps by doing several away from home game events. Teams also began running their own more collaborative local events as well such as the Los Angeles Valiant and San Francisco Shock hosting a northern California VS southern Californian event earlier this year. This brings all of us awesome Overwatch Fans from across the world watching online together to local arenas where we can duke it out just like all those other sports fans we love. We can bring out flags, clothing swag and awesome artwork signs to events to inspire and encourage our favorite teams.

LA Valiant VS Vancouver Titans. Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)

Already in the Blizzard arena in LA we see fans from all over the world coming to support their favorite teams or just their favorite players. With the recent expansion we have seen some of this love grow a perfect example being the new star player of the Atlanta Reign Daniel “Dafran” Francesca. Dafran was a popular online twitch streamer with a warm and lovable comedic personality which fans have clearly embraced in their support of the new expansion team.

Pictured above Dafran of the Atlanta Reign. Photo credits: (Liquipedia)

With the progression in production value, sponsorship acquisitions and team expansions we have seen in the first 2 years of the Overwatch League I can’t wait to see what will take the show up another notch this time. In the upcoming posts I’ll be doing some analysis about the stage 1 playoff battles. I will also be doing some discussion on tactics in the current meta which should hopefully be changing soon. On my blog you may also find from time to time some info about the contenders or collegiate scenes of competitive Overwatch. This stems from my participation in the Tespa collegiate league now.

New York Excelsior and the Vancouver Titans start sweeping stage one of OWL2019.

The New York Excelsior take the stage. Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)

Week three of the Overwatch League has come and gone and teams seem to be settling into their positions. Don’t count anyone out just yet though as some teams have completed more matches than others at the moment so we may see some last minute titans rise to the top. The top teams saw their win streaks continue this week as well with the Vancouver Titans and New York Excelsior brush off any and all competition.

The Vancouver Titans take the stage. Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)

Also this week we saw the season one champions the London Spitfire finally break the curse that’s been following them since the inaugural season. In a tooth and nail battle between the London Spitfire and the Los Angeles Gladiators, that went to four games, we saw London take the match two to one.

The LA Gladiators put up a valiant effort against the London Spitfire. Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)

As we head into the final weeks of stage one; the teams who have mostly lost their chance at a stage playoffs will start to experiment more with their team and player compositions. Maybe one of them will figure out the next big thing and dominate stage 2. At the moment it appears we will be looking at a Titans VS NYXL stage finals which will be quite the show.

The LA Valiant try and fail to top the Vancouver Titans. Photo Credits: (@OverwatchingC)

Shanghai Dragons Breakthrough!

The answer to life the universe and everything was how many losses the Shanghai Dragons would accrue before finally winning their first match. In a stunning three to one match, the Dragons surpassed everyone’s expectations and clutched that victory tightly. People were screaming and shouting; cheering them on almost begging for the win. When the final point was captured the massive wall-sized screens at the Blizzard Arena lit up saying Shanghai Dragons wins. People were crying stunned at what we had all been there to witness.

Shanghai Dragons as they start the next map.
Photo credits (@OverwatchingC)

Selecting only one player to focus on from this series is impossible so we’ll focus on two. Jin-hyeok “DDing” Yang and Young-jin “Gamsu” Noh are two core members of the newly rebuilt Shanghai Dragons. DDing is a DPS starting player who showed excellence as Sombra in their matches. Gamsu is the Dragons starting main tank player who showed a mastery of every main tank in the game. DDing ran circles around the Boston Uprising while Gamsu ran headfirst into the enemies to defend his teammates with his body and health pool. The entire team moved fluidly and were nearly incomparable to last seasons roster. At times in the audience fans were anxious and being as wary as ever so as not to jinx the potential victory. If you want to watch the game you can find the full vod on the Overwatch League site.

The crowd in Blizzard Arena erupts after Shanghais victory.
Photo credits (@OverwatchingC)

While the Shanghai Dragons that were on full display on Friday are a drastically changed and expanded roster compared to their season one counterparts Gamsu was one of their newest players as he was traded last minute from their opponents, the Boston Uprising, to the Shanghai Dragons to take control of their main tank and shot-caller role. During an interview before the series, Gamsu had stated that it came as a shock that he had been traded but that he would work his hardest to make these dragons soar. The whole team was incredibly emotional after the match and deservedly so especially considering how dominant they were in maps one and two.

On the Left Gamsu and Geguri on the right during the post-game interview.
Photo Credits (@OverwatchingC)

The dragons still have a long way to go before they can make they can reach their goal of stage and season playoffs but after Friday’s game, it looks like they’ve definitely got the spirit in them. I can’t wait to see the performance fo the Dragons going forward though no one should get too frightened if they don’t pick up a win in week three. The season and this roster are both young and they’ve got plenty of room to grow.  

Shanghai Dragons shaking hands and hugging the Boston Uprising after the monumental match. Photo Credits (@OverwatchingC)

Overwatch League is Going Goats!

Houston Outlaws VS. Toronto Defiant. (Photo Credits: @OverwatchingC)

Goats is a highly aggravating strategy that unfortunately is the current meta for Overwatch. Goats is a strategy that includes using 3 support heroes and 3 tank heroes. There is some variation of which 6 heroes, but it mostly remains stagnant. This creates repetitive situations of mirror matches between teams; a constant slugfest with no real action taking place.

Goats team logo. (Photo Credits: Liquipedia)

This team compositions backstory is the opposite. It’s hilarious. There was an Overwatch Open League team named Goats. This team went on to go nearly undefeated the entire season solely using this strategy. Eventually, teams started to catch on and tried it themselves only to be rolled over by the more practiced Goats team.

As the second season of the Overwatch League began, we expected to see an abundance of goats compositions. This strategy is highly versatile. It has tremendous killing power, speed, and a massive health pool to boot. There were a few glimmers of hope in week one where we saw variations of team compositions appear. These glimmers came from the new Chinese expansion teams who are well known for their chaotic yet effective playstyle that focuses on hyper-aggression and high-risk high reward play.

The Chinese Expansion Explosion in Overwatch League.

Toronto Defiant VS. Houston Outlaws. Photo credits (@OverwatchingC)

The first week of season 2 is behind us and now that all the teams new and old have strutted their stuff it’s time to do a roundup of all the highs and lows of each one. The new teams were sure to make a triumphant leap into the arena and Friday was no disappointment. On Friday the Toronto Defiant, Atlanta Reign, Chengdu Hunters, and Guangzhou Charge all made their debut. All 4 put up excellent showings of their understanding of current Overwatch meta.  They also proved they were willing to take chances by ignoring it.

Casters commentating the Florida Mayhem VS Atlanta Reign. Photo credits (OverwatchingC)

The Blizzard Arena itself along with the league has gone through several changes. As seen from the photo the casters have been moved into the audience so they can feed off our hyped-up energy. They also began to use the stage floor more and interact with the physical audience. These are all important changes as the Blizzard Arena is a model for all future Overwatch League team arenas which are either currently under construction or nearing completion. All over the world teams are hosting watch parties so their local fans can finally have a physical connection to the teams they support and love. The league calendar itself also changed allowing longer breaks between the 5 stages of the Overwatch League so teams can have a chance to visit these fans in person which brings the personal side of Esports alive. All these players were just like us before they stepped on that stage; passionate lovers of games who wanted to make the world listen and prove they were the best in the world.

Chengdu Hunters take the stage. Photo credits (@OverwatchingC)

The player of this week we’ll be focusing on is Tianbin “Lateyoung” Ma of the Chengdu Hunters. Lateyoung had an amazing performance especially considering his nearly one-year break from playing competitive Overwatch. As a pro player, any downtime while competing whether due to an injury or other complication can be the death of your career. The Esports world moves so fast that if you stop to look around at what you’ve achieved you’ll miss your only chance to continue. He showed a mastery of several heroes from both the tank and DPS roles. His interview after the game is even more telling of his drive to show the world what China has to offer in Competitive Overwatch. I’m confident he will continue a return to form as the season progresses.

Choose your hero for Overwatch League season two!

Overwatch League stage one finals at Blizzard Arena. (Photo credits: @OverwatchingC )

The second season of the Overwatch League is finally upon us.  In Season one we saw inspiring moments of greatness and destructive failures.  As we head into season two it’s time we did a roundup of the bastion of returning teams and the new recruits who are preparing to leave their mark. This season is looking to be quite the spectacle for Esports as a whole.

The new challengers this season include the Atlanta Reign, Chengdu Hunters, Guangzhou Charge, Hangzhou Spark, Paris Eternal, Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans, and Washington Justice. Most of these teams have some establishing members acquired from season one teams.

Season one Team banners at Blizzard Arena. (Photo credits: @OverwatchingC )

During the off-season, many teams were quick to throw their best offers to prospective players and we saw many teams pick up fresh talent scouted from Overwatch Contenders and the Overwatch World Cup.

The team everyone has their eyes on is the Vancouver Titans as they acquired an entire champion team from contenders Korea, formerly known as the team Runaway. This is a seasoned team who have worked together for plenty of time becoming confident in every move their team members make. They act swiftly and strike for the heart of their opponents with no remorse This team is on my list for potential stage one finalists if not the overall league finalists.

Overwatch World Cup at Blizzcon 2018 in the Anaheim convention center. (Photo credits: @OverwatchingC )

A rising star I’ll be keeping my eye on this season is Fusions of Boston Uprising. Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth is a brand-main tank player at the spry age of 19. Fusions Showed the world his true strength during the 2018 Overwatch World cup as a core member of the UK team. His flashy Reinhardt plays stunned his enemies and led his team to a semifinal finish.

This year in the Overwatch League we can expect to see gameplay at a higher level than ever before. Numerous new free agents have been signed to teams and many more players have reached the age limitation of eighteen years and are now eligible to compete in the main league. I also eagerly await the rise of more and more newcomers to the league. With more players appearing every day it’s only a matter of time till the next level of competitive play is unlocked.